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Recent Assignments

Marketing Strategy for Construction Aggregates for a leading Quarrying and Mining Company in India

Regulatory and Fiscal Regimes Overview specific to local Manufacturing in India for a leading Italian Industrial Component Manufacturer

Marketing Strategy for a leading Paper Manufacturer in India

White paper study with Indicus Analytics on importance of Project Management Principles

Sustainability (CSR) report for a leading development financial institution

Commercial Laundry Equipment sector in India

Location Search for a leading food and dairy products Company

Market Analysis on Food supply chain in India

Market Analysis on Metal can industry in India

Market Research study on Indian Textile industry

Market Research study on Glass Industry in India

Market Research study on Pleasure boating/ Yacht industry in India

Market Analysis of GCC Cement sector

Opportunity Analysis for a leading Multiplex chain in India.

Feasibility analysis assignment on Entertainment industry on a major Entertainment industry player

Location analysis for a major Carpet tile player.

Market Study on Automotive Sector in India for an Italian Client.

Project on program Design for UNICEF IKEA, along with Indicus Analytics.

Market Research study on Indian Cosmetics Industry on behalf of a Japanese client.

Market Research study on Optical accessories for an Italian client.

Market Research study on Industrial Shock Absorbers Industry on behalf of a German Company.

14 city analysis of India's Hospitality sector on behalf of a Global Hospitality major.

A study of India's Human Resource Recruitment industry and support for a 3-year plan on behalf of a global player.

A global giant in retail commissioned Ace Global for competition assessments in India’s evolving retail landscape.

One of the world’s largest human resources/staffing companies commissioned Ace Global for assistance with its three year strategic plan, and to assess the size of India’s recruitment industry.

A leading European private investment company retained Ace Global to identify targets in India’s construction sector, for strategic investments. Already three such investments have been made.

The world leader in modular carpets retained Ace Global for establishing a 100% Indian subsidiary, for whole sale trading and related services.

One of the world’s top five automotive component majors commissioned Ace Global for a Due Diligence and Valuation of selected Indian players, for strategic acquisitions.

A world leader in the water sector retained Ace Global for assistance with a ‘Three Year Strategic Plan’, to result in a six-fold increase in its India business, based on radical trajectories and inorganic growth. The task was successfully completed in three months, involving intense engagement with the senior management of the client.

The world’s largest player in technical and health sciences publishing commissioned Ace Global for a study of the medical examinations coaching market.

The world’s largest Aluminium tube packaging company retained Ace Global to assist in its India Entry Strategy, which included setting up a subsidiary, headhunting a Marketing Head, and further assessments towards eventual manufacturing activities in India.

Ace Global carried out a study on the size of India’s Government Procurement market, existing practices in various public sector organisations and government agencies, and an assessment of costs and implications of India’s accession to the WTO Government Procurement Agreement. This study was undertaken as part of the DFID/Govt of India/UNCTAD Programme ‘Strategies and Preparedness for Globalisation’ being implemented by UNCTAD India.

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